Mohammad Javad Ahmadi

Mohammad J. Ahmadi

Roboticist, Control Engineer, Researcher in AI

Mohammad Javad Ahmadi

In 2015, I've graduated from NODET with a Diploma GPA of 20/20. In 2019, I've received my B.Sc. degree in Electrical & Control Engineering from Amirkabir Uni. of Tech. (Tehran Polytechnic) with a GPA of 4/4. In 2021, I've completed my M.Sc. courses in Control Engineering from K. N. Toosi Uni. of Tech. with a GPA of 4/4. Since 2019, I've joined ARAS Co. under the supervision of Prof. Taghirad, and Due to the cooperation of ARAS & Farabi hospital, I am working in the fields of AI, Robotics, and Eye Surgery.

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MSc. Student of Electrical Engineering (Control), K. N. Toosi University of Technology

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BSc. @ AUT


BSc. Student of Electrical Engineering (Control), Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic

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High School @ NODET

High School

High School Student of National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (Sampad), Diploma in Mathematics and Physics

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Roboticist & Control Engineer

ARAS (Advanced Robotics & Automated Systems Laboratories), Surgical Robotics

Roboticist & Researcher in the field of AI

Farabi Eye Hospital

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Prof. Hamid D. Taghirad

Secretary & Editorial Board Member

Signal Journal (IEEE)

Publication Committee, and Student & IT Committee

ICRoM 2019 - 2021

Editorial Board Member

IMPULSE (Talangor) Journal

Student (IT) Committee Member

Virtual Nano Symposium IRCN 2021


LaTeX Worksop (IEEE)

ResearcherComputational Intelligence, Large Scale Systems, Automation & Information Technology Lab

Computational Intelligence, Large Scale Systems, Automation & Information Technology Lab


Iran Water Resources Management - IWPCO, Iran Water & Power Resources Development Company

Control & Instrumentation Control Engineer

Hydroelectric Power Plant Management Center

Electricity Committee Chair & Researcher in the field of electricity and energy

Energy Congress

ARAS-Farabi Experimental Framework for Skill Assessment in Capsulorhexis Surgery

Adaptive Robust Impedance Control of Haptic Systems for Skill Transfer

Closed-form Inverse kinematics Equations of a Robotic Finger Mechanism

Video-based Surgical Skill Assessment

Resilient Consensus in Double-Integrator Systems with Switching Networks Facing Smart Attacks

DOI: 10.1109/ICRoM48714.2019.9071915

Frequency and Voltage Control of the Grid (LFC, AVR)

Simulation Model of Hydro Power Plant ( Amirkabir HPP)

Creating Real-Time Operation System Based on xPC Target Kernel

Study of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, their challenges and opportunities

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Current Research Topics

Computer vision in artificial intelligence: Developing methods of eye surgery training and eye surgeon skill assessment using kinematics data and videos of surgery, Designing and implementing control scheme for eye surgeon robot using video feedback.

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